Corrina Bruen

Site Manager & CoOwner, Brucorp

2018 Women in Building Award Winner

Women in Building & Associated Services (WIBAS) look for females who are making their mark in the Construction industry. This year was challenging, yet so rewarding when we received some great nominations from all facets of the industry. 


Not only do we look for individuals who are great at the job they do, we look for women who are contributing to the careers and wellbeing of their colleagues, peers and mentees in the industry.


Corrina Bruen’s nomination not only highlighted her outstanding career, but how she has exceled since making her decision to move into the building industry only 5 years ago. From being in a completely different industry to now jointly owning a building company and is onsite every day building residential homes.


In such a short time, Corrina has achieved so much and is respected at all levels within the building industry throughout the Oxley region. 


Her dedication to her subcontractors as well as her local industry were apparent. Her love and determination of the job has shown that other women can do it as well and thanks to Corrina’s mentoring, she now works side by side with both men and women of all trades. 


The Women in Building Award judges felt hers was an excellent impact to acknowledge in the annual award.


Corrina’s submission was inspiring and worthy of recognition - we wish her the best in her career, the next stage and we know she will live up to the prestige of winners in the Hunter.


Congratulations Corrina!

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